Badge Evenings

Posted by on February 21, 2015

This term we have Badge Evenings on Wednesday 18th

11 Responses to Badge Evenings

  1. Cubs

    Please can I do book reader badge and fire safety badge on badge evening on 25th February 2015
    Thank you
    Joshua D

  2. Evan D

    I would like to do Fire Safety and Musician Stage 1 badge (guitar) please. Evan D.

  3. Sebastian Gregson

    I would like to do Hobbies badge and Book Reader badge on Wednesday 25th please. Thank you. Sebastian

  4. Michael G


    I would like to do the new version of the Physical Recreation badge please.



  5. Laurence B

    Please can I do my Home Safety badge (old requirements). Thank you. Laurence B

  6. William N

    I would like to do the Road Safety badge please.
    Thank you
    William N

  7. Daniel H

    I would like to do my Musician Stage 3 badge please. Thanks, Daniel H

  8. Daniel H

    P.S. I would like to do Musician Stage 3 under the new requirements please, although I don’t think they have changed. Thanks

  9. Raul

    Can I do home help please. Thank you

  10. Calum

    I would like to be tested for my road safety badge please.

  11. Charlotte H

    Please may I be tested on artist badge and road safety badge.Thank you. Charlotte H.

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